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Providing a common space for your employees to unwind – like a break room – can be a great way to keep morale high. Unfortunately, keeping your break room clean can be a little more difficult.

From sticky countertops to a food-splattered microwave, a messy break room can create frustration among your staff. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to help keep your break room clean year round.

Here are 5 tips for keeping your break room clean:

  1. Keep a Cleaning Checklist: In the midst of a busy work week, it can be easy to forget about keeping your break room clean. To avoid this common mishap, consider printing off a cleaning checklist to hang in your break room as a reminder to you and your staff to use care when using break room appliances and to always clean up after themselves.
  2. Toss Your Trash Regularly: Nothing can ruin a lunch break more than an unpleasant lingering odor. Whether it’s the smell of old food or the eyesore of an overfilled garbage bin, make a point to empty your trash cans at the end of the day to help give your employees a fresh start each morning.
  3. Skip The Sponges: Contrary to popular belief, sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria and can be counterproductive if you are trying to keep a sanitary environment. Instead, we recommend using disposable towels when needed to ensure you are keeping things as clean as possible.

    If your business is unable to skip the sponges, make sure everyone wrings out their sponge after each use and stores them in a holder to prevent bacteria buildup in your sink.
  4. Regularly Clean Your Appliances: To ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your appliances, make sure they are cleaned regularly. This can include anything from wiping down the community microwave to emptying the refrigerator of old or rotting foods.
  5. Invest in a Professional Cleaning Company: Keeping a clean break room can feel like a tedious task when you are also trying to run a business. If you do not have the time or staffpower, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to make maintaining a clean work environment easy.

For more information about keeping your break room clean from the experts at Facile Cleaning, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.803.5122.